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Debut EP launch at Servant Jazz Quarters on the 26th of September.
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With feet planted firmly in the traditions of Afro-Brazilian music, Caravela’s heart is full of the soaring creativity and fervour that comes with improvised jazz. Weaving melodies around vibrant South American and West African-inspired rhythms, their music is sensitive and full of passion, energy and life. Like the vessels they take their name from, Caravela are setting out to explore territories unknown. Uncovering music that others have left behind or simply long-forgotten, they’re giving a new voice to beautiful songs that should not remain silent.

“…Caravela were very much the real deal with this passionate, emotional and thoroughly convincing performance that mixed technical excellence with a raw, emotive, authenticity.”
Ian Mann, The Jazz Man

Verde Água

EP 2017

Na Terero

EP 2017


EP 2017

Sep 26
EP LAUNCH @ Servant Jazz Quarters
Dalston, London
Oct 25
MDX Presents @ Spice of Life
Soho, London
Nov 10
London Jazz Festival @ T Lautrec
Kennington, London
Dec 10
Sunday Buzz @ Arts Depot
Finchley, London
Sep 10
Duo @ Black Opium Coffee
Old Street, London
Aug 26
The Ivy House
Nunhead, London
Aug 25
Caravela Duo @ Toulouse Lautrec
Kennington, London
Aug 10
Toulouse, France
Aug 8
Ciclo Cultural Aplauso
V. P. Aguiar, Portugal
Aug 7
Coimbra, Portugal

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