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Verde Água

Built on an ijexá rhythm from Bahia in the north east of Brazil, a spiritual style often used at a candomblé ceremony. The lyrics explore that spirituality and feeling of purity and honesty.

Na Terero

Literally meaning on the terrace, this is a batuku style piece from Cape Verde. Traditionally a communal call and response style sung by groups of women on the terrace of a house to share and support them with their problems. The piece builds on the percussive rhythm with soaring vocals sung in creole that discuss the value of keeping these traditions alive in the modern world.


A maracatu style track from the state of Pernambuco in Brazil. Often used as a carnival rhythm in the region, we reimagined this rhythm into a modern context, with Portuguese lyrics over a tight groove that discuss the feeling of belonging and exploration, a reflection of our approach to our music.

Jul 7
O2 SBE/Gilberto Gil
London, UK
Apr 17
Jazz at The Lescar
Sheffield, UK
Apr 5
Oxford, UK
Mar 10
Varanda do Sesi
Salvador, Brasil
Jun 30
Brixton, London
Jun 1
Ninety One Brick Lane
London, England
May 30
Anteros Arts Foundation
Norwich, England
May 29
Jazz at Spotted Dog
Birmingham, England
May 28
The Old Electric Shop
Hay-on-Wye, Wales
May 26
Stroud Jazz Festival
Stroud, England